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I am a luthier

A luthier is an artisan who builds and repairs stringed musical instruments, such as guitars, violins, cellos, and mandolins. The word "luthier" comes from the French word "luth," which means lute, a type of stringed instrument.
Luthiers use a combination of traditional and modern techniques to craft instruments that are both beautiful and functional. They work with a variety of materials, such as wood, metal, and synthetic materials, and have a deep understanding of the physics of sound and how it interacts with their instruments.
The work of a luthier involves many stages, including selecting and preparing materials, carving and shaping the wood, assembling and fitting the various components, and applying the finishing touches. Luthiers also frequently repair or restore damaged instruments, or to modify existing instruments to meet the specific needs of a musician.
I work mainly with guitars, slowly building them by hand, one by one. I start with your needs and wishes and together we create the perfect instrument for you
From my hands, to your hands

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Custom Made

When I say ”Custom Made”, I mean Custom Made. Yeah, right, I have a few of my own models that I think all are very nice and successful, but when it comes to building a custom guitar there are not limits.
I like to start with the dialogue with you, the customer and future owner. What is your needs, your sound, what are you currently not finding in their guitars today. And we take it from there.
From selecting the right piece of woods to picking and choosing from existing or imaginary shapes and specs and together we create an instrument that is perfectly suited to your need and your sound
From my hands, to your hands

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I perform most of the common tasks associated with guitars and guitar maintenance, from simple setups to complexed neck resets on acoustic guitars.
In my workshop, no job is too small nor too big. Among those jobs I most commonly perform is

  • Re-fretting
  • Fret-leveling
  • Adjustment and setups
  • Changing pickups and fixing broken electronics
  • Swaping out tuners, bridges and other hardware

Some of the more unusual jobs I have done are:

  • Heat-straightening a vintage guitar neck without trussrod
  • Restoring a 1957 Les Paul JR to original glory
  • Building customs spec replacement necks
  • Rebuildning a vintage Hagström to original specs
  • Building an electric Cello
  • And the list goes on…