About me

My name is Peter Naglitsch and I have been building guitars for more than ten years from my base in Stockholm, Sweden. As many builders, I started out by modifying and setting up my own guitars. Pretty soon, other musicians began to ask me to work on their guitars as well.

Before long I built my first guitar; a thinline Telecaster with an AANJ neck joint and a custom made bridge (Taking the easy way has never been my style…). Before that guitar was even finished, I had already begun planning my next one, I was hooked! Pretty soon, I started building guitars for musicians on the local music scene. With their encouragement, I went beyond traditional body styles to develop my own designs and features unique to my guitars. With this experience, I have decided to offer my custom guitar building services to a larger public.

My instruments

In addition to electric solid-body guitars, I also build electric bass guitars, and in the past I have built instruments ranging from “resolectrics” to electric mandolins and ukuleles. Recently I have begun to develop my own acoustic guitar designs as well. My goal is to provide custom-built instruments to meet my customers’ needs