StarStruck Pickups

A custom made guitar deserves custom wound pickups. I tailor make the StarStruck pickups to your sound in the same way that I custom make a guitar according to your need regarding playability, wood choices and look. As every pickup is individually hand made I can adjust them to your sound, playing techniques and your amplifier. We discuss your needs and create a pickup that work together with your guitar and Amplifier to make it possible for you to express yourself in the way you desire.

Pickups available:

- Humbuckers In every range from PAF-models to brutal distortion models
- Strat-singlecoils from vintage twang to rock drive
- Tele-singlecoils from vintage twang to rock drive
- P90-pickups From low- to high output versions
- T90 och S90 P90-type pickups but tailored to fit in a Tele or Strat
- SplitBuckers Strat vintage sound without hum, noiseless in other words.
- RetroPhonics Gretschy look and sound with the warmth and output of a PAF
- DeLuxe Mini humbuckers with moderate output and maximum tone

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